• Calendar & Event Tracking
  • Consolidated Searching
  • Case Details
  • Rolling Index
  • Custom Solution
  • Injury Tracking
  • Settlement Tracking
  • Party Tracking

Calendar & Event Tracking

Easy to read, color coded calendar based on the type of event. Automatically expands to fit all calendar/event items. Can set reminders to alert on important events. Easily edit events from the calendar view.


Relevant, frequently used information at your fingertips, literally.


Rolling index of events

Stay current on every case regardless of who is working it. Keep a rolling log of everything that has happened in a case. With the ability to save images and format text, you will make sure that nothing gets lost.


Customized for your practice

If you practice workers' compensation, social security, criminal defense, personal injury, family, domestic, divorce, insurance defense, workers' compensation defense, or civil litigation, then when you create a case of that specific type, you will see the type of information related to that type of case. So instead of a generic case type, you get the exact information you need for your practice.

We are also constantly adding new case types customized for other types of law.


Injury tracking made easy

With a built in database of every ICD-9 code, it is easy to search for injury list by code or description. If you cannot find the code you can manually enter your own injury type.


Settlement tracking

Track settlement negotiations over time, including medical and other intangibles. You will always know what is on the table and how far apart you may be.


Finally case management software that works for your cases