Time and Billing Made Simple

Finally! There is time and billing software that does not require a degree in Accounting. When it is easier to enter your time that means you get better data and better tracking. With CaseWizard, time and billing is something you will hardly think about again.


easier entry means better data and tracking

You can start a timer from almost anywhere in CaseWizard. That means you never lose track and you always know (automatically!) which clients should be billed for your firm's time. It's so easy that you will wonder why you ever did it another way.


easily review time

With one click you can see all of the time sheets created by your firm. Status, total hours, billable hours, and the timekeeper are just a few of the pieces of information you have easy access to when using CaseWizard. 


Editing prebills is easy and quick

You can automatically generate prebills and then quickly review them to make sure they match your client's records. Need to review something again? Run prebills multiple times and always have a full history of billable activity at your fingertips. From any device. Anywhere in the world.


Clean and Easy to Read Invoices

After reviewing the prebills, CaseWizard will generate beautiful looking, easy-to-read invoices. You never have to worry again about a potential lack of professionalism when sending an invoice. CaseWizard has you covered.